Posted on Nov 10, 2020

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This is the fruit of the Adansonia gregorii, commonly known as the boab, it is a tree in the family Malvaceae. It is Endemic to Australia, boab occurs in the Kimberley region[2] of Western Australia, and east into the Northern Territory. It is the only baobab to occur in Australia, the others being native to Madagascar (six species) and mainland Africa and the Arabian Peninsula (one species). Boab ranges from 5 to 15 metres in height, usually between 9 and 12 metres, with a broad bottle-shaped trunk.[3] Its trunk base may be extremely large; trunks with a diameter of over five metres have been recorded. A. gregorii is deciduous, losing its leaves during the dry winter period and producing new leaves and large white flowers between December and May.[3] Boabs are pollinated by the convolvulus hawk-moth Agrius convolvuli.[4]
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